Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The power of Christ compelled him?

Ladies and Gentlemen!

In the red corner, weighing 3 Egg McMuffins and a pack of beef jerky, we have Colorado state representative-elect Douglas Bruce, who is evidently cranky because, first of all, he almost had to get up at 5 a.m., secondly, he was forced to fight Denver traffic, and last, because even his friends seem to be against him at the moment. Bruce comes into this bout with years of political experience and a desire to push back his swearing a few days to take advantage of a loophole in state term limits that would allow him to serve eight more years instead of six.

In the black and blue corner, weighing one compact flash and 2 Red Bulls, we have Javier Manzano, a news photographer for the Rocky Mountain News who came to the state house this morning as part of a host of reporters who have been tasked with following Bruce around all morning.

As the bell sounds, it's stick and move, stick and move...Bruce is cordial, laughing and smiling with reporters, his temperament bringing Manzano closer, camera at the ready. But then Manzano makes a foolish move, dropping his guard. As it comes time for the morning prayer to open the day, the reps bowing their heads, Manzano lifts his camera, snapping a photograph of Bruce as he presumably spoke with the Lord.

Just then, Bruce raises his head and opens his eyes, angrily bringing his foot down on top of his opponent's knee. The photographer crashes to the canvas, holding his leg in obvious pain.

As the photographer lies there awaiting his ten count, Bruce, in his best Ivan Drago persona, stands over the fallen reporter and mutters, "Don't do that again."

Here's the full story. I'm curious as to if he will be elevated to hero status.

Colorado Lawmaker Kicks Photographer

Friday, January 11, 2008

Dust in the Wind

Yay or nay, best song ever is "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas. If you say nay, you are an idiot. This isn't speculation, it's fact. Live with it.

Seriously, though, if this song came out today it would likely be an Indie hit, but not commercially successful. Without a disco back beat and some chick slathering herself up with honey in some stupid video, or without some effeminate Emo kid with half of his face covered in hair, it couldn't possibly work. Wait, I forget about that incessantly annoying "What you do to me" song that still plagues the airwaves. Every time I hear it, I come this much closer to climbing up in some tower with a sniper rifle. You know, to do everyone with ears a favor.

Yeah, but that song lacks substance and, basically, it sucks. Not only is "Dust in the Wind" beautiful, it's thought-provoking.

Maybe this link will work for you:


Take a moment to listen to --and watch if you can -- true musical genius. Disregard the sheer amount of, um, hair. Lot of hair in that video, indeed, but an aural treat nonetheless.

On a similar note....

Using whatever music download service you use (and don't deny that you d0) find and download a song called "Michael Picasso" by Ian Hunter. Make SURE you find the live version. I won't go into details about the song, but I will say it was in dedication to a musician friend of his who passed away. It is deeply stirring and very poignant. I looked on Youtube for it and found A live version, but not THE live version. I will continue to look for it and post directions to get to it. It's a song that Eddie Vedder claimed was the most beautiful song he had ever heard and it is very tear-inducing.

Oh, and since I am on a music kick, this song you CAN find on youtube if you are at work or something, or simply are unable to find an mp3. Silversun Pickups "Kissing Families" has one of the best crescendos I have heard in a while. Sure, there are comparisons to the Smashing Pumpkins, but I truly believe they have a sound of their own.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I have been away so very long, so crazy busy writing vanilla articles at CFP, while at the same time doing my thing at MSU. I love the teaching aspect of it, yes, but not so much the research. This is my conundrum: I have chosen as a thesis something I have not as of yet been able to fully embrace. My heart is not in it, so to speak. My first question to anyone who has attended graduate school: does it need to be? Or should I simply consider this another stepping stone to greater things?

My Spanish is weak, at best, yet I am required to sift through literally thousands of 16th and 17th century hand-written documents from the Inquisition. I am, without a doubt, petrified. I will jump into this, head first, in a matter of weeks, perhaps days. I can't sleep at night. There's no way I can be proficient in a foreign language in a matter of months, never mind on the continual basis necessary to make the progress I will need to be making.

Also, I don't picture myself living in America for more than just a few more years, not because I hate my country, but because I want to experience more than what I am offered here. Plus, like many Westerners, I seek a simplicity no longer afforded by a society driven by the need for shiny trinkets. Therefore, should I not study someplace I may intend on residing? As it stands, I am studying Spanish Jamaica, a place which no longer exists. I don't see myself moving to Jamaica, despite its beauty.

I am blabbering on, I know. And because I don't post much, I'm sure very few people will read this. However, if by chance you do, throw in your two cents. I'll be sure to catch it, I promise.