Thursday, May 24, 2007

Do You Know This Woman?

While driving from a Chamber of Commerce event, I figured I'd stop and look for the home of someone I am needing to visit in the near future. I had an address, so I drove to the neighborhood and started looking at house numbers. Once I spotted it, I made the block to double-check my work.

Well, this woman was walking her dog down the very same street, saw me double-back and proceeded to yell "FAGGOT!" as I drove by. So, of course I stop, roll down my window, give her the universal gesture for "what the hell?!" and ask her not to yell expletives when I drive by. I used those words exactly!

Nevertheless, she proceeds to tell me that there are no prostitutes in that neighborhood, and that I need a new haircut.

So, I told her, that because she welcomed me to the neighborhood so gracefully, that I would take her picture and post it it on my blog.

Here, for your viewing enjoyment, is an insane woman showing me her arse and her other arse.

P.S. if you know this dingbat, tell her to lay off the espresso.


Sniderman said...

What's the matter with looking gay? What are you saying? =)

Seriously, that's one of the best, funniest posts I've read in a while.


Mark said...

I only look gay on Wednesdays. She was off a day and that just irks me.

The woman truly was (is) a fruit. I only wish someone knew her so I could send my condolences.

Mary Helen said...

Holy crap, that's hilarious. What an idiot!

Dan said...

Well... maybe she's right. Maybe you do need a new haircut... /sarcasm

Funny story. What posseses someone to do something like that?

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness. stumbled on your blog. So glad I did, that's hilarious.

{Doug guffaws as he exits}