Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Everybody was blog-fu fighting...

I understand blogs are a place for people to knock heads, but the venom often spit back and forth between people of differing political views is not only uncomfortable to read, it paints a picture of a group of people who are filled with nothing but hatred and spite (and a warped sense of agendized entitlement, if you ask me).

I offer, for example, the rhetoric between DocLarry and JackeM in a fairly recent post in DocLarry's blog titled "Hypocrite."

Now, don't get me wrong, I have no point of view as far as who is "right" and who is "wrong," and I haven't taken the time to peruse either journal to see just what makes these two people tick. Heck, one or the other may be a wackjob, for all I know.

Yet, it seems to me that to say "Fuck Off" to a person voicing an opinion in your journal is the blog equivalent of the sniveling kid losing in kickball, who then snatches the ball away from the other players (because it's his ball) in order to end the game.

And then there's the cheering section, encouraging the continued humilitation of the poster. Are you people so full of hatred that you get off ridiculing and berating each other? Is that how you enjoy spending your time?

These are not rhetorical questions, by the way, and this isn't a defense of anyone, either. I'm sure everyone who takes the time to make a blog is a big boy or girl.

I'm just curious as to what makes you people tick.


Mary Helen said...

I read Doc Larry's blog pretty often, as I do yours. So my comment here has nothing to do with Doc Larry in particular. But don't you think that part of the issue is that people are frustrated with work, politics, or whatever they are fed up with, but it's not socially acceptable to just blow up at people in person. But on a blog, you can just vent and vent, with relative anonymity. So people aren't as civilized at times.

Mark said...

I have since read that woman's blog and realize she's sort of a zealot in her beliefs. Par the course for this area, I suppose.

You're right. I love the idea of using this blog to vent.

Jacke M. said...

Excuse my tardiness. I just found your non-rhetoric questions.

In the post you mentioned I gave clarification of what I thought had transpired over the MSU/Cooper business.

I did post about it at my blog but then removed that posting because I AM trying to get away from these silly arguments and the fact is, DocLarry has made it clear that he doesn't appreciate my comments. He does his thing, I do mine, live and let live...whatever.

There is no friendship between myself and some of the other local bloggers. Not everyone likes everyone else but I have no "hatred" toward anyone. I was simply disagreeing with Larry on his charge that the managing editor of CFP was a hypocrite and tried to explain why I believed he was wrong. It was a waste of time and I should have known better.

The difference between DocLarry and me is that all commenters are welcome at my blog, whether I agree with them or not. I don't recall ever telling anyone to "F-off," because they disagree with my viewpoint.

I DO find it more interesting to have a dialog with people with whom I disagree than those with whom I agree. It gives me opportunity to explore other viewpoints. In fact, I believe if one never responds to one who offers a challenge then one's viewpoints might be formed very shallowly. Why not explore other opinions, I've often learned a lot by doing so.

As far as "cheerleaders" go, I have no control over what other people write in my comment section.

A zealot? Perhaps about my right to voice an opinion and exercise my freedom of speech. Certainly I have clear opinions and beliefs about certain subjects...who doesn't?

I hope that answers your questions, though I can't see why you and your readers are particularly interested. I'm just a single individual with a single individual viewpoint of no more importance than anyone else's viewpoint. My viewpoints, or DocLarry's viewpoints are only as important as the reader thinks they are.

I note that having a spot in the blogosphere to express your opinions has some importance to you........

Anyway, that's the long answer. My editor wasn't available this morning. ;)

Mark said...

Jacke M.-

I appreciate you taking the time to post a reply in my journal. I look back now and realize that my choice of wording (zealot) may have been erroneous. You are far from the only person with a blog to feel strongly about his or her beliefs.

Secondly, if you read what transpired between yourself and DocLarry, and then read my post, you may very well see that I was actually critical of his actions, not yours. As a matter of fact, you were cordial and respectful. It was his cohorts who resorted to the demeaning commentary, at least as far as I could tell.

You said: "I can't see why you and your readers are particularly interested."

I'm interested because I am completely intrigued by the dynamics that make people like you and I different and alike. Contrary to what you may assume, I am not run-of-the-mill in my politics and beliefs. If you are able to label me right or left wing, or discern my religious beliefs, then I have failed as a blogger.

I'm not an old dog, yet I'm not a tenderfoot. I love the idea of continuous exploration and never-ending development as a thinking and feeling individual. When I read the thoughts and ideas of others, I am better able to not only see how those around me think, but am also better equipped to understand why I think and feel the way I do.

So, thank you for having a blog and letting people like me peruse it.

Jacke M. said...

"I'm interested because I am completely intrigued by the dynamics that make people like you and I different and alike."

Those sorts of things interest me too, so I understand.

I also understand the rest of your post and after re-reading it realized that and might have worded my reply a bit differently.

I try not to pre-judge people.

You seem like a nice person. :)

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