Friday, January 11, 2008

Dust in the Wind

Yay or nay, best song ever is "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas. If you say nay, you are an idiot. This isn't speculation, it's fact. Live with it.

Seriously, though, if this song came out today it would likely be an Indie hit, but not commercially successful. Without a disco back beat and some chick slathering herself up with honey in some stupid video, or without some effeminate Emo kid with half of his face covered in hair, it couldn't possibly work. Wait, I forget about that incessantly annoying "What you do to me" song that still plagues the airwaves. Every time I hear it, I come this much closer to climbing up in some tower with a sniper rifle. You know, to do everyone with ears a favor.

Yeah, but that song lacks substance and, basically, it sucks. Not only is "Dust in the Wind" beautiful, it's thought-provoking.

Maybe this link will work for you:

Take a moment to listen to --and watch if you can -- true musical genius. Disregard the sheer amount of, um, hair. Lot of hair in that video, indeed, but an aural treat nonetheless.

On a similar note....

Using whatever music download service you use (and don't deny that you d0) find and download a song called "Michael Picasso" by Ian Hunter. Make SURE you find the live version. I won't go into details about the song, but I will say it was in dedication to a musician friend of his who passed away. It is deeply stirring and very poignant. I looked on Youtube for it and found A live version, but not THE live version. I will continue to look for it and post directions to get to it. It's a song that Eddie Vedder claimed was the most beautiful song he had ever heard and it is very tear-inducing.

Oh, and since I am on a music kick, this song you CAN find on youtube if you are at work or something, or simply are unable to find an mp3. Silversun Pickups "Kissing Families" has one of the best crescendos I have heard in a while. Sure, there are comparisons to the Smashing Pumpkins, but I truly believe they have a sound of their own.



I'll check them out.

BTW, you might like if you haven't seen it.

And good god, man... where you been?

Mark said...

I am checking out that site as we speak and like what I see. I was a die hard frequenter but must say I like the look and feel of this one.

I thank you!

And as for my whereabouts...

Grad school.

You know, that prison shower scene without the comforting steam.

Busplunge said...

Good God, Great Blog!

Complaint Department Manager said...

Great song, still gives me goose bumps when I hear it. Best of all time? Hmmm, I can't say no and I wanna say yes. Damn it, I'll ride the post on this one.

Complaint Department Manager said...

Just thought it seemed appropriate to mention lately been listening to a lot of Kansas an Ambrosia lately.

tom said...

Top 5?
Top 10?

Definitely it is up there but "best of all time?"
I have to question that choice, but hey it is your best of all time.
Some will agree while others will disagree.

Anonymous said...

this song is one of my favorites.

I cannot help but think of Old School anytime I hear it now though.

You may like Damien Rice...albums name is "O"...I like listening to it in the rain when I am lying in bed all day...its kind of sad,but pretty darn good stuff.